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FRESH release!

We’re excited to announce the screening of FRESH across the United States.  FRESH is a call to action; it means to inspire its viewers to positive change, not scare them into a terrified complacency.  As such, the majority of the screenings will be followed by a panel discussion with local representatives from the sustainable food movement so audience members can learn what’s going on in their communities and get involved.  We will bring together farmers, activists, chefs, and policy-makers, all working to create a more healthy, tasty, and sustainable future.  Please join us, not just as part of an audience, but as part of a movement to better our food system, and to bring about a new vision, a new paradigm, a new reality, one that works for everyone.

Check out our list of screenings here.  If we’re not coming to your town, no worries, email us and we’ll help you organize a community screening in your town:  Or you can always stream the movie on line (coming soon!).



We'd love to hear yours!

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    April 24, 2009


    Kate said:

    I just saw the trailer & would love to buy the DVD to show to my Co-op. I run a small organic co-op her in South Australia. I will pass on the link to all my members. Thanks ;)

  2. Steve Blick said:

    When will we be able to stream the movie on line.?

    Pleasant Pasture Farm

    Go team. Can’t wait to see your movie and Food, Inc.

  3. Interprete » Fresh said:

    […] catch your fancy.There is a screening here in NYC at the end of May. Supposedly they are going to stream the movie online, which I certainly hope to be the case. A political documentary that is behind bars is really not […]

  4. Judy Fay said:

    I just saw the trailer – Great work, very well done! I applaud Ana Joanes & the whole team. I missed the local screening :( would love the opportunity to purchase the DVD to help get the word out. Look forward to when it’s available!

  5. Ron Millet said:

    If you live in or near BENSON Arizona, Fresh the Movie will be shown on May 28th at 6:30 PM at Benson City Hall located at 120 West 6th Street, Benson, AZ. ENTRANCE IS FREE.

    For a Map to the location of Benson City Hall, click on the VISIT MY WEBSITE link at the left.

    This screening of FRESH THE MOVIE is being presented locally by the St David Farmers’ Market ( and Baja Arizona Sustainable Agriculture (

    Local food refreshments will be available as well as a discussion on the importance of eating locally.

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    June 13, 2010


    Christine said:

    Wondering when we can see this hit Netflix or stream online…can’t wait to see it! We live in a prettu rural area and organizing enough people for a screening is not easy so an online opportunity to view would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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    July 10, 2010


    karrie said:

    Would also love to watch this online! Prefer this as it involves less waste. Am not able to host a screening and there are currently none scheduled in my area.

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    July 12, 2010


    Lisa Madison said:

    Hi Karrie!

    We won’t be releasing the DVD online for a while – probably not till next year. We do our best to reduce waste on our end (we use small DVD cases, no plastic, and re-use shipping materials when possible). I hope you change your mind about hosting a screening – even if it’s just one in your home with close friends.

    Lisa Madison

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    September 27, 2010


    carolyn said:

    GM Salmon/

    as happy as i am to sign on-line petitions, i really don’t believe that anyone reads them and if they do, they certainly ignore them. our country seems to have crossed over into the land of oligarchy while everyone was too entertained to notice and i’m afraid that the only thing that counts is money.
    i’m not sure they even care about our votes anymore, at least not once they have them.

    i’d like to propose something more radical. what about a month long total boycott on all salmon? of course, many of us have decided that once this creature is approved, we will sadly never eat salmon again, but by then it will be too late.

    we need to show now what will happen big time and permanently if they pass this. what if all these groups- food & water watch, slow food, the union of concerned scientists, natural news, fresh, weston price groups, etc- got together and picked a starting date and appealed to their members to stop buying and eating any and all forms of salmon for a month

    what about readers of michael pollan, jeffrey smith, wendell berry- what if those authors came out and said “we are boycotting salmon right now”

    what if concerned chefs took salmon off the menu of their restaurants for a month and put a note in saying “due to our concern for the health of our customers, we will not be serving salmon until the FDA…”

    then we could write to and/ or call our senators, congressmen, the president, the FDA, aquabounty, our newspapers and explain why we were doing this

    imagine if salmon spoiled in grocery store ice chests, if fishermen couldn’t unload their haul- yes, it would hurt them but then they could call/ write their “representatives” and say “what’s up? no restaurants or stores will buy my salmon?”

    it might give the poor salmon a chance to repopulate.

    can we do this? we have the internet, facebook, twitter and all those ways to get the word out. obama used the internet to great advantage during his campaign. other countries, france and italy come to mind, are always striking over this and that and it seems to work for them. let’s go on a salmon strike. now, right now- BEFORE this gets approval.

    i’m pretty sure that a few thousand or even million on-line petitions aren’t going ot matter a damn to these guys. money seems to be the only language they speak and let’s talk to them in words they can understand!

    because really, what’s next? pigs with no pain sensors? chickens with no feet? cows with no bones?

    i really think we have to get serious


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    October 2, 2010


    johny said:

    Imagine life without work and stuff just people growing food sell to each other being free full of love working out going to the beach some will still work to make cars for us factories will be closed because they are polluting and will be useless because food no longer will need to be in factory anymore..
    when its gona happen when all i see its huge goverments and we small people like dots on big radar who try do something

  11. umer said: