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Share your Hero

By: ana Sofia joanes, Director, FRESH

FRESH has launched a blog! We’ll be sharing everything from FRESH Recipes to News From The Field which highlights the incredible experiences that we hear from our supporters when they bring FRESH to their communities.

In this blog we will highlight FRESH Heroes, the people who we encounter in our journey toward a more sustainable food system. I was inspired to share these stories after hearing a speech by Julia Butterfly Hill. Julia is best known for living in a 180-foot-tall, roughly 1500-year-old California Redwood tree for two years to prevent loggers of the Pacific Lumber Company from cutting it down. Talk about commitment! I felt very small.

Julia, as if reading my mind, told the audience that we shouldn’t look at the speakers and think “I couldn’t be up there speaking, I’m not as smart, I can’t do what they’re doing.” She reminded us that each of us need to find our place, our role in the world and this was the most meaningful contribution we could offer. I felt tremendously inspired to acknowledge my qualities and strengths and to find ways to use them to participate in creating change. This feeling sustained me throughout the making of FRESH.

FRESH has now been screened to thousands of people through our activist-supported distribution model and I continue to meet many more amazing people who inspire and motivate me. These people should be celebrated!  I decided to share all these great encounters so you too can learn about all the amazing work that’s being done around the country. You can view my first FRESH Hero video here.

Please share your OWN local heroes with me and the FRESH community. Send us your videos! Here are the rules:

  1. Make a video. Keep it short (no longer than 3min)
  2. Ask three questions: What’s your name and project?  What brings you to this work or what motivates you? and What makes your work so gratifying? Feel free to improvise!
  3. Upload to Vimeo or YouTube
  4. Send the link and a one paragraph description with the link to your hero’s website if there’s on
  5. You’ll get a message from us if your video is posted on the FRESH website so you can share with everyone!


Director, FRESH

PS: Host a screening! It’s the best way to start the conversation about sustainable food in your community and you can gather all your FRESH Heroes in one place!


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