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FRESH Heroes: Trina Paulus

Age is a state of mind folks! Or it sure is for Trina.

I’m not sure I could keep up with this amazing, energetic, passionate, creative (I could go on with the list of adjectives!) woman. Trina claim to fame is a beautiful children (and adult) book called HOPE FOR THE FLOWERS.

She’s working on a sequel while all-heartedly promoting a REALLY important document: the IAASTD Global Report, Agriculture at the Crossroads. Over 400 experts from over 100 countries worked for 4 years on this report which concluded that is will be small scale organic agriculture that will feed the world. Surprise???!! This report was funded by the World Bank, facilitated by all the UN agencies, and pushed by Monsanto, Sygenta, and big Ag until they saw that the conclusion was not going in their favor.
For the full report:

Trina Paulus from ana joanes on Vimeo.

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    December 19, 2009


    M. Julieta Pinho said:

    Good afternoon. I just finished reading your hope for the flowers; just because. Well, I suffered great loss in 2008 and I have been doing much reading. I BELIEVE.
    And, the reason I believe is because I am very connected to Earth and have the highest respect for Nature.
    I have a very small piece of land in Portugal that I have been taking care of for last 8 years. I have now turned it into a “white Farm”; I have to pay money to the goverment to call it “organic”; believe it or not!!! Anyway, this has been my call … I am in love with what I do, that is, to keep that land clean and healthy.
    I work for money at Continental as a flight attendant; but I work for and with LOVE at my small piece of land. So, I am here to Thank You for your work and support.