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FRESH 1%: Practicing Generosity When Times are Tight

from Ana Joanes, director of FRESH

This week we decided to give one percent of all of FRESH revenue of 2010 to one of the incredible non-profits out there that are making a difference in the sustainable food movement. Although now doing so seems obvious, the decision did not come easy.  Making FRESH was a labor of love, but the stress of unpaid debts and the responsibility to keep our office started to weigh me down.  Soon I found, passion and faith were slowly replaced by an attitude of scarcity – a protectively closed heart and mind.  My financial insecurity made it hard for me to truly appreciate what came out of what seemed to be a wild and out-of-reach dream 6 years ago.

For years, while making FRESH, I would wonder how my movie would ever get seen (the majority of independent productions never find their audience) and I would daydream of ways for my movie to contribute to the movement I was recording.  And now, it’s happened.  FRESH was released in May 2009, a little over a year ago, and against all odds — no money, no distribution company, no festival wins — it took off.  FRESH has now been screened thousands of times around the country in people’s living-room, churches, libraries, school and universities, and, in independent theaters and art houses. And most importantly, FRESH has been used as a platform to raise awareness and transform inspiration into action. With our growing visibility (and mailing list) we decided to start our own activist campaigns, raising awareness and calling to action our supporters on a variety of issues around our food system.

With so much positive going on, I decided that I couldn’t wait for some secure financial future to start giving back.  Hence came the idea to give 1% of our revenue to a non-profit that embodies the passion and hope that we believe will change the face of the sustainable food movement.  We will accept entries for this grant through August 6th, choose 12 and then open up a voting process to our supporters (there are 50,000 of you!). Stay tuned!


Thank you,

Ana Joanes
Director, FRESH

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    July 20, 2010


    Marie said:

    my farm isn’t making a profit yet, does that count? Just kidding – great idea and I passed along to my favorite local non-prof gleaning organiziation.

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    July 20, 2010


    Chris Wilbeck said:

    I would like to suggest that Food Democracy Now! be a contender in your non-profit contest. Iowa is really the battle ground state for any kind of agriculture change. Food Democracy Now! takes it on – at a national level – and is based right here in Iowa. They are also GREAT people.
    their website:
    Chris Wilbeck
    Farmhouse Life
    Rippey IA

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    September 15, 2010


    Brad Wilson said:

    Thanks for the chance. As a NFFC supporter, thanks for the generosity. We face a huge challenge of prep for the next farm bill vs. 2008 failures. We must all come to see that mere subsidy reform of any kind (“subsidized corn”) misses the cheap price issue (and price spike issue), which, over decades provided hidden, off budget billions annally to CAFOs, corn syrup, ethanol,( & individually, annually to Cargill & ADM) worldwide. I’ve gathered key, unknown links as my collective “Farm Bill Primer” here:

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    November 19, 2010


    Pat Klassen said:

    Generosity..what is it? This is a great quote from that really says it all.