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A FRESH Voice: Introducing Jenny Holm

Photo: M. Holm

The FRESH team keeps growing, and we’re happy to introduce you to Jenny Holm, a new writer for our blog. Here are some of her thoughts on food and food systems – take it away, Jenny!

I’m often asked how I “got into food,” and the truth is I’m not really sure. I wasn’t aware that I thought more about it than other people until a friend commented on the way I pored over the snack table at a high school New Year’s Eve party: “It’s like you’re choosing an engagement ring instead of a carrot stick.”

And in a way, perhaps, I was. Much like a husband, my trifold passion–for writing, sustainable food systems, and gastronomic adventure–has taken me places I never imagined I’d go. Somewhere between a short-lived stint as a chef in my college’s student cafe, an internship at a food magazine where I shared my desk with 68 jars of unique honeys and was once sent home with a crocodile steak in my purse, and WWOOFing on a permaculture-based farm in Vermont last summer, I fell hard.

After college in my native Minnesota, I spent a joyful year eating my way through southwestern Russia, where I learned how to make tea from fermented mushrooms, what sausage made from nutria (a type of swamp rat with orange fangs) tastes like, and a whole lot about borscht.

It wasn’t until I moved to Washington, DC for a job and got involved with the local Slow Food chapter that I started to delve deeper into the economic, environmental, and public health consequences of the way our current food system is structured. I’ve been here since 2009, minus the semester I recently spent in the Republic of Georgia teaching English to schoolkids, making wine, and picking tangerines. If you’re interested in reading more about any of these experiences, check out my personal blog Gusto: Eating with Pleasure.

I’m looking forward to sharing explorations of our evolving food system through the FRESH blog, and hope to learn from you, as well. Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section, or feel free to e-mail me any time at



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