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New Directions for FRESH

I can’t barely believe it’s been almost two years since I completed FRESH and released it with an impromptu tour of 9 cities. I was 8 months pregnant, a distribution deal had just fallen through, and I knew that if I didn’t want FRESH to be buried before it could see the light of day, I had to distribute it myself.

So I borrowed some more money and, on a friend’s recommendation, I hired Lisa Madison, part-time, and set up to self-distribute FRESH. And man was that good advice! You’ve all gotten to know Lisa really well in the past two years. Lisa became FRESH. With the birth of my daughter so soon after we launched our distribution, Lisa found herself in charge of developing and implementing our plans. She organized community screenings (and helped you organize yours), answered your inquiries, and kept you informed and active through her posts and campaigns.

FRESH is truly the expression of the incredible people who participated in its creation. The farmers and thinkers portrayed in the movie, of course. But also the cinematographer, editor, composer, sound mixer, etc. whose crafts and talents shaped the movie. Lisa joined this amazing group of people and her many incredible qualities ensured that FRESH would be forging new grounds in activist distribution.

Lisa is now moving on start a new business StoryKeep, with Jamie Yuenger, who also previously worked for FRESH. StoryKeep creates intimate audio and visual portraits for families and businesses, helping to preserve life stories as heirlooms. Jamie and Lisa are both trained documentarians and will no doubt create beautiful stories together. Check them out at Lisa will also continue to support filmmakers who wish to develop a grassroots distribution strategy for their movie.

And although I am sad to see Lisa leave, I’m really excited to welcome Crystal Cun to the FRESH team. Crystal was an obvious choice: she had been blogging for FRESH already for a while and her passion about good food shined through her writing. With Crystal on board, we’re hoping to continue to serve, support, and grow the good food movement. Toward this goal, we’re developing some new projects. For instance, we’re developing our blog to provide you with FRESH perspectives on what’s happening in our food system, including tips for a healthier and more sustainable life. We’re also looking to support regional campaigns. It’s our belief that our impact can be most meaningful and significant on the local level. Last but not least, we’re looking to expand our platform by offering a great activist documentary the opportunity to partner up with us.

Crystal and I are eager to hear your feedback and ideas, so please email us with ideas for FRESH tips, issues you’re confused about or would like us to campaign around, information about what’s going on in your city, state, or region and how we can help, and last but not least, good documentaries you think we should consider partnering up with!



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