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Sustainable Seafood Tools and Gadgets

This is a handy list of tools that can be used to help decide what fish to purchase. It includes traditional wallet cards and mobile phone apps. For more in-depth guides and information, see our resource page for links to aquariums and conservation groups working on seafood issues.

Mobile Phone Apps

Wallet Guides


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  1. Teri Melton said:

    I was really starting to enjoy Swai until I realized it comes from Vietnam. Not only do I not want my fish to come from that far, I still have visions of napalm… And I used to only buy gulf shrimp, until BP. Have not bought shrimp since then. My local bison grower quit last fall. For me it is getting harder and harder to get any protein except eggs, and my sources dry up in winter for local ones. Everything so expensive except the bad choices. Please keep addressing this for us newbies. Thank you. I may have to go back to canned tuna.