FRESH Petitions & Actions

FRESH is more than a movie.  It is a call to action.  There are battles being waged in the agricultural world right now and we want to create a space for you to be part of the good food movement.  Below is a history of FRESH Petitions & Actions.  Thank you for your support and passion for a more sustainable food system!

Stop Dow’s Agent Orange Seeds!

Tell the USDA we’ve had enough of herbicide-resistant seeds and short-sighted solutions.
Status: OPEN
Dow Chemical wants to introduce its latest generation of genetically-modified (GM) seeds, which will be bred for resistance to the herbicide 2,4-D. That’s right, the next wave of seeds will be resistant to one of the primary components of Agent Orange, used in the Vietnam War as a chemical defoliant.

Monsanto’s Resistant Super bugs

Ask the EPA to enforce their rules requiring the planting of non-GM corn on at least 20% of land.
Status: OPEN
Did you hear that crash? It’s the sound of corn stalks toppling over, their root systems ravaged by rootworms. But wait, didn’t Monsanto promise that their genetically-modified (GM) corn, bred to include Bt toxins, would resist pests? Turns out that after only a few years, insects have already evolved to resist Bt, and are now attacking corn fields in the Midwest. If we keep allowing monoculture fields of Monsanto’s Bt corn, soon there will be no way to fight these super bugs.

Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Sweet Corn, Coming to Your Plate

Tell supermarket CEOs: we will not buy GM sweet corn!
Status: OPEN
For the first time, Monsanto is marketing a genetically-modified (GM) corn that will be sold directly to consumers. This is NOT commodity corn that will be processed into oil or fed to animals. These ears of sweet corn will go directly to grocery aisles, possibly in cans or frozen packs, where it will be impossible to tell them apart from pure varieties. Sign now to tell supermarket CEOs: protect your consumers, refuse to carry GM sweet corn!

No Fracking Way

Tell EPA: Protect Our Water!
Status: OPEN
Widespread cases of water contamination have been reported as a result of hydraulic fracking, an extraction process for natural gas. The industry claims that fracking is harmless, but the evidence shows otherwise. Each frack job uses one to seven million gallons of water, which is mixed with hundreds of chemicals. Even worse, gas companies are not required to reveal the chemicals they use, thanks to the fracking industry’s exemption from the Safe Drinking Water Act. Sign now to tell the EPA: protect our water supply from pollution at the hands of the gas industry!

Who’s the Real Threat, Cargill or Raw Milk?

Tell FDA: We have the right to choose real food!
Status: OPEN
Recently, the FDA and other agencies conducted an armed raid and arrested 3 people for selling unpasteurized dairy products. Meanwhile, Cargill has recalled 36 million pounds of turkey for salmonella contamination, with one linked death and at least 80 illnesses. Yet no one has been arrested. Sign now to tell the FDA: focus on the true threats to our food safety. Stop harassing independent producers while shielding big corporations!

Protect Bristol Bay, the World’s Last Great Salmon Fishery:

Tell EPA: Toxic mines do not belong next to our valuable salmon runs
Status: OPEN
FRESH is asking the EPA to protect Alaska’s Bristol Bay under the Clean Water Act. This would stop the construction of Pebble Mine, which could potentially produce up to 10 billion tons of mine waste in an ecologically sensitive watershed. Sign now to tell the EPA: protect our natural resources, not corporations. Toxic mines do not belong next to our salmon fisheries!

Stop the Overuse of Antibiotics in Livestock Feed:

Tell Congress: Healthy Animals Don’t Need Antibiotics
Status: OPEN
FRESH is asking Congress to pass the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act. This bill would eliminate the use of prophylactic use of antibiotics in factory farms, a practice that breeds drug-resistant E.coli and other bacteria that threaten our health and food supply. Sign now to tell Congress: we don’t want superbugs in our food, ban the overuse of antibiotics in livestock!

Label GMO Now:

Tell FDA: We Want GMO Labeling Now
Status: Closed
FRESH is calling on the FDA to mandate labeling of genetically-modified organisms (GMO) in food. GMOs are in 75% of the packaged foods in supermarkets, but most of us don’t even know what GMOs are, since there are no regulations that require manufacturers to label GMO products. Without labeling, we can’t make informed decisions and our right to choose our food is crippled. Sign now to tell the FDA: we have the right to know what’s in our food!

Make Toxic BPA History:

Tell Walmart: No More BPA
Status: Closed
FRESH is calling on Walmart to eliminate toxic bisphenol-A (BPA) from their products. BPA leaches into us from plastics, paper coatings and canned foods. Regulators in the EU and Canada have already acted to address these issues. But our government won’t protect us, so let’s change the industry, starting with Walmart. If Walmart commits to eliminating BPA, the whole industry will be forced to change. Sign now to support eliminating toxic chemicals from our food supply!

Protect Farm Whistleblowers:

Stop Iowa’s Anti-Farm Whistleblower Bill
Status: Closed
Stop Minnesota’s Anti-Farm Whistleblower Bill
Status: Closed
FRESH is calling on the Iowa and Minnesota legislatures to vote NO on bills H.F. 589 and H.F. 1369, respectively, which criminalize the undercover recording of images or video on farms, and even makes possession and publication of such materials illegal. Whistleblowers have exposed the animal cruelty and environmental damages caused by factory farms, and are crucial for ensuring corporate accountability. Protect our right to freedom of speech and information!

Success: Minnesota and Iowa’s legislative sessions ended without the passage of these bills. FRESH will continue monitoring movements on these bills in the event that they are revived.

Artificial Food Dyes:

Colors that Harm You: Say No to Artificial Food Dyes
Status: Closed
FRESH is calling on the FDA to ban synthetic food dyes. Artificial food dyes have been linked to behavioral disorders in children and other long-term medical risks. Regulators in the EU and UK have already acted to address these issues.

Save Our Bees:

Tell the EPA to Ban Bee-Killing Pesticides!
Status: Closed
Success: FRESH is partnering with the film Vanishing of the Bees to call on the EPA to ban the use of hazardous neonicotinoid pesticides. The catastrophic demise of bee colonies could put our whole food chain in danger.

Retire Ronald McDonald:

It’s Time to Retire The Clown!
Status: Closed
Success: FRESH is partnering with Corporate Accountability International to call on McDonald’s to retire Ronald McDonald. No marketing icon has done more to hook kids on unhealthy food, influencing brand loyalties and eating habits that can last a lifetime.

Genetically Modified Salmon:

Tell the FDA NO to genetically modified salmon.
Status: CLOSED
Success: Over 15,000 signatures submitted to the FDA in protest against AquAdvantage transgenic salmon. FDA is considering the approval of GE Salmon, the first GE Food Animal, and yet has failed to inform the public of environmental and economic risks. First batch of signatures was delivered to a meeting that the FDA was having in DC regarding the labeling of this fish on September 19th.  After three days of hearings, the FDA agreed that there’s significant concerns about genetically modified salmon and it must go through rigorous public review before further consideration for approval for consumption.

Toxic Strawberries:

Strawberries Shouldn’t Cause Cancer
Status: Closed
Success: 8,138 signatures submitted to the EPA in protest against methyl iodide. Methyl iodide causes cancer, is a known neurotoxin and thyroid disruptor and has also been proven to cause spontaneous abortions in late-term pregnancies. It is so toxic that it is used to intentionally induce cancer cells in lab settings. And yet, the EPA has decided that methyl iodide is fit for our food, for our communities and for our bodies. The EPA can reverse its decision on methyl iodide at any point. Now is the time to make sure they do so.

Saying NO to Drugs in Our Milk:

Tell Ohio’s Governor Strickland to abandon his rbGH (rbST) labeling restrictions!
Status: Closed
Success: 2,470 FRESH supporters sent emails to Governor Strickland and his Press Secretary, Amanda Wurst, demanding that Governor Strickland drop his restrictions for labels on dairy products that don’t use genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH/rbST).  This rule would affect dairy labeling on a national level.  On September 30, 2010, an appeals court ruled in favor of the Organic Trade Association, making it easier for consumers to know whether dairy products on the grocery store shelves are produced without synthetic hormones.

The battle over GE Alfalfa:

Stop Genetically Engineered Alfalfa: Call your Members of Congress Today
Status: Closed
Success: 1,007 FRESH supporters sent emails to their members of Congress, urging them to sign onto Leahy’s “Dear Colleague” Letter.
Senator Leahy and Representative DeFazio circulated a Congressional sign-on letter in the House and Senate asking USDA to maintain the ban on Genetically Engineered Alfalfa.  After the Supreme Court decision on 6.21.10, the letter was delivered to the Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack with 59 sign-ons from House and Senate and a long list of endorsers through Center for Food Safety.

Urgent: USDA to rule on Mutant Alfalfa
Status: Closed
Success: 11,226 signatures were sent to the USDA in protest of GE Alfalfa
In its own report, the USDA said that not enough consumers care enough about organic foods for the USDA to block Monsanto’s modified alfalfa seeds.  We sent them thousands of comments saying the exact opposite.

Demanding Labeling Standards for GMO Foods:

U.S. to Prevent GMO Labeling Worldwide
Status: Closed
Success: 10,816 signatures sent to USDA & FDA in time for the UN Meeting in Canada on May 3rd, 2010 held to discuss food labeling standards for the world. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have adopted a pro-corporate position that laughably claims labeling GM/GE foods creates the “false” impression that “that the labeled food is in some way different from other foods.”  Even worse, the current U.S. draft position paper declares that mandatory labeling laws such as they have in Europe are “false, misleading or deceptive.“

Addressing Anti-trust Issues:

Status: Closed
Success: 6,889 FRESH supporters called on the Department of Justice to break up the agricultural monopoly on our food. We asked the Department of Justice to investigate the impact of the consolidation of our farm economy on our farmers and community and we urged them to then act to free our farmers and reinstate meaningful competition.

Calling on Congress to Improve Child Nutrition Bills

Write to Congress: Continue to Support Fresh, Healthy School Meal Programs
Status: Closed
Success: 5474 FRESH supporters wrote their Representatives to ask them to vote yes on the Agriculture Appropriations conference report before the child nutrition programs expire at the end of September 2009. (HR 2997, S1406: Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010).  Every day, the families of nearly 15 million children can’t afford to pack a lunch for school. Federal school meal programs provide critical funding for meals for children in school.  It’s critical these programs continue to be funded.