I know we might seem big, but there is actually just ONE person running FRESH right now! We really appreciate you taking a moment to see if your questions are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions list below.


1. Why isn’t FRESH free?
There are a lot of different ways we could answer this question, but the strongest reason is that we’re independent filmmakers doing our own, grassroots distribution in a unique, action-oriented way. It’s important to us to be able to sustain ourselves – this means we have to pay the bills, we have to pay salaries, and we want to keep growing as filmmakers and help our supporters grow into a movement.

2. How do I see FRESH?
We are currently not selling individual copies of the DVD, rather, we are selling various sized screening licenses which give you the right to screen the film in front of an audience, whether it be to raise funds for a particular cause or organization, or simply to educate. We believe that a positive change to the sustainable food movement is going to largely be the result of groups of people rallying together and we want FRESH to be something for groups to engage around. We want FRESH to be an activist tool.

3. How long is FRESH?
FRESH is 70 minutes long. We suggest allowing at least 45 minutes for a panel discussion after the film; if you’re renting a venue, you can expect to use it for about 4 hours (including set-up and clean-up).

4. What equipment is needed to screen FRESH?
You will receive a DVD for your screening purposes. It will play on all DVD players in any region (US or International) and can be projected using computer DVD projection systems.

5. Is FRESH appropriate for children?
We would say yes, overall FRESH is an enlightening and upbeat documentary about individuals all over the country working towards a more sustainable agricultural system. There are several scenes which last only seconds at a time of industrial agricultural practices which may be disturbing such as hog processing and chickens with missing beaks in close confinement. These scenes are featured midway through the film and again only last a few seconds at a time.

6. Do I need to purchase a license for each screening?
YES. Community Screening Licenses are only good for one screening. You can purchase multiple screening licenses at a discounted rate available for purchase here.

7. Can I keep the DVD after I have hosted a screening?
YES. You can keep the DVD for personal use after your screening. If you would like to host another event please contact to purchase an additional screening license.

8. Can I preview FRESH before deciding to host a larger screening?
Of course, your first step is to purchase a home screening license here. Second, watch and enjoy! If after you watch the film you are inspired and want to share FRESH with your community, Just email Crystal and she can work with you to upgrade your license.

9. What types of payment do you accept?
We accept credit cards through our online store. If you are unable to pay online or don’t feel comfortable doing so, we accept checks and money orders. Please email Crystal for directions on how to send a payment via mail. Once we receive your payment, your order will be shipped out.

10. What happens if I need to upgrade my screening license?
If your screening grows larger than you anticipated, you can always upgrade your license by emailing Crystal Cun. We love to help you solve this type of problem! We can also arrange a multiple screening license – please let Crystal know if you’re interested!

11. Will you help me promote my FRESH screening?
Yes! We will help promote any community screening! The best practice is to let us know about your event. We try to keep up with all the events being organized, and want to promote them all, but if you email us and let us know what you’re planning, we’ll be sure to do everything we can to ensure that your event is a smashing success.

12. How do I publicize my event?
We have a number of publicity materials on Promotional Materials page – feel free to download any or all of them and modify as you like. You can also find a zip file with a high-resolution InDesign version of the FRESH movie poster on the Promotional Materials page that you can modify or use to design your own, unique FRESH posters.

* Create a Facebook event for your screening and send the page to us, we’ll be happy to post it on our Facebook FRESH Fan page!

* Contact your local radio stations and newspapers about your screening! You can direct media inquires to us, we’re happy to talk about our distribution model with anyone and can sometimes arrange interviews with the Director of FRESH, Ana Joanes.

13. Can I use FRESH for educational purposes?
Yes, we encourage professors, educators, and teachers to use FRESH in their classrooms. Please visit our Educational Distributor, the Video Project, to purchase a copy for use in a classroom or library.

14. When can I expect to receive my DVD & License?
We offer regular USPS shipping by default. If you need rush shipping or international shipping, please contact us for more information at

PLEASE NOTE: Orders are fulfilled Monday-Friday. If you make a purchase over the weekend it will not be sent out until the following Monday.

15. Can I cancel my order or get a refund?
Once your purchase goes though we cannot cancel your order or refund your purchase.

16. How will I know my purchase has gone through?
You will receive a confirmation email shortly after your purchase has gone though. This confirmation only includes your billing information and can be used as a receipt for your purchase. PLEASE NOTE: If you provided a separate shipping address-it will not appear on this receipt.

17. Can I screen FRESH outside of the United States?
Of course! We are thrilled that FRESH has had so much success outside the United States and hope to keep the Ripple Effect going abroad. We have subtitles in several languages, including Spanish and Italian. If you’re interested in an international version of the film, please contact us and we may be able to help you out. Alternatively, if you are interested in translating the film into a new language, we may be able to grant you rights for your screening in exchange for the subtitle files.

18. Can I unsubscribe from the FRESH mailing list?
You sure can. There is an option to unsubscribe on the bottom of all of the emails we send out. Just click this link to stop receiving emails from FRESH.

19. Does FRESH have Closed Captioning?

Not all of our DVDs have Closed Captioning – please send us an email ( to make a special request.

20. FRESH is too expensive for me. What do I do?

We are asked a lot what our rate for non-profits are. It just so happens that, true to the nature of the food movement, just about all of our supporters are working for non-profits! Thus, we don’t have a different rate, but we DO have a whole slew of ideas for you to completely make back your investment in the FRESH screening license and raise additional funds to support a cause in your community. First, charge for admission! Just a few dollars from each person goes a long way, and plus, people value things they have to pay a little for. :) Second, look for sponsors – does a local business want a moment before the film or a table to display their wares? Ask for sponsorship in exchange for promoting their business.