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Brian Lehrer Show

Blog Talk Radio: Underground Wellness Interviews Ana Joanes

Our Natural Life

In this week’s Podcast, Jon and Cathy interview Ana Sofia Joanes, producer and director of the recently released documentary FRESH: The Movie. FRESH is a call to action, intending to inspire viewers to positive change and portray a hopeful message about possibilities for sustainable food. Local screenings are followed by a panel discussion with local representatives from the sustainable food movement . .

KBOO Interview with Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin joins KBOO Radio in Portland, OR to talk about FRESH before the FRESH theatrical run at the Hollywood Theater, April 2010.

Restaurant Guys Interview with Ana Joanes

Ana joins the Restaurant Guys, Mark Pascal & Francis Schott who open and operate Stage Left Restaurant in New Brunswick, NJ.

Ana Joanes on Teachers Teaching Teachers, #223 – Changing the world through food: Can you do this? 10.20.10

Chris Sloan invited the director of Fresh, ana Sofia joanes to this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers. Paul Allison had fun asking her questions his students had for her after seeing the film earlier in the week. In addition, this podcast features Haley, a student of Susan Ettenheim’s who had visited Our School at Blair Grocery this summer.


indieWIRE: Director Takes a “Fresh” Look at Reinventing Our Food System

With her documentary “Fresh” – a call to change how our food system works – Ana Sofia Joanes has employed an innovative distribution strategy to get her film seen. Rather than rely on a distribution company, Joanes is counting on the public to spread the world and host screenings by purchasing a screening license…

Huffington Post: Fresh’s Director and Producer, Ana Joanes, Explains the Difficulty of Filming a Documentary and What Sustainability Means

Fresh, a documentary that highlights people working to change the current industrial food system, is a refreshing compliment to Food, Inc.. While Robert Kenner did a fantastic job of exposing how much is wrong with our food system, Ana Joanes chose to focus on people who are doing what’s right . .

Simple, Good & Tasty

I was lucky to have the chance to conduct a phone interview with ana Sophia joanes recently. Ana is the director of the terrific food documentary “Fresh,” which has taken the Twin Cities by storm this summer and doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon . .