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FRESH Study Guide FRESH Study Guide

Complete with questions for before and after the film as well as references to the movie to help find answers within the movie. Download entire Study Guide here.

FRESH Discussion Questions FRESH Discussion Guide

  • Why do you think FRESH is an important story to be telling right now?
  • How can we make the type of work that Joel Salatin and Will Allen do in FRESH a reality in our neighborhood?
  • How can community members’ actions impact what politicians do for this cause?
  • Where do you buy your food and how do you make your purchase decisions? Do you want to change your purchasing and food consumption habits?
  • How can poor people access a healthier, fresh diet? Is the local food movement elitist?
  • What do you think of the statement made by Michael Pollan that we pay three times forĀ our food: at the register, with our health care, and via agricultural subsidies?

Download the entire Discussion Guide here!

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