Screening Resources

Below, you will find a variety of screening guides, mini-flyers, posters, graphics and photos to help you promote your screening of FRESH.

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Community Screening Guide

This guide includes a how-to guide for hosting your own event, suggestions for promotional efforts and an attendee hand-out to be distributed at your FRESH screening!

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Home Screening Guide

This guide includes discussion questions, information about the film and suggestions about how to get involved in your local food movement.

FRESH Questions

This list of questions is included in the above-posted Screening Guides, but if you want a stand-alone hand-out, here it is! Some of the questions include:

  • Why do you think FRESH is an important story to be telling right now?
  • How can community members’ actions impact what politicians do for this cause?
  • How can poor people access a healthier, fresh diet? Is the local food movement elitist?
  • What do you think of the statement made by Michael Pollan that we pay three times for our food: at the register, with our health care, and via agricultural subsidies?

FRESH Black and White or Color Mini-Flyers

We designed these mini-flyers to make it easy for you to pass on the word about FRESH. Print them out, cut them up, pass them on to your attendees! The zip file includes Photoshop (psd) and pdf files for both color and black & white versions.

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FRESH Trailer

You can link back to the FRESH homepage to access the trailer or embed the following code into your site:

<iframe src=”;portrait=0&amp;color=ff9933″ width=”600″ height=”405″ frameborder=”0″></iframe><p><a href=”″>FRESH trailer</a> from <a href=””>ana joanes</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

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FRESH Poster

Download these files to print out posters in color (ideally letter sized). If you would like to access our high-resolution poster, you can access the native files by downloading the .zip file here. Includes In Design (indd), Photoshop (psd) and JPEG image files; you are welcome to modify these files to suit your needs.

If you need to print black and white posters, please consider our original poster design with a more neutral background. Download the ZIP files here.

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FRESH Sign-up List

Collect the names and addresses of your audience members so you can follow up with them later! You can manage your ‘group’ through our website and invite them to take actions that you deem important.

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FRESH Banner

Download to use to create your own publicity materials or to put on your website.

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Get FRESH Widget

Incorporate FRESH into your website – use this widget in your sidebar and link to us! Zip folder contains .psd and .jpg files in a variety of sizes.

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Sample FRESH Screening Press Release

Want to tell the media about your event? Use our sample press release (.doc file) to create a press release with all of the event’s details. Be sure to change everything highlighted in yellow.

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Sample FRESH Invitation to Local Politicians and Dignitaries

Want to tell the community politicians and state representatives about your event? Use our sample invitation letter (.doc file) to create a letter explaining the importance of attending a FRESH screening to your local officials. Be sure to change everything highlighted in yellow.

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Press Kit and Press Photos

Press kits and photos can be found on our press kit page.

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